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Jul 4, 2012 1:00pm PDT
and appreciate the criticism. >> thank you, mr. keith. >> my concern when you say that you didn't have control over the witness and that she had her own attorney but you were the one that submitted the declaration. so you had to have looked at it. so you could have said to her attorney, these paragraphs are not relevant or they're prejudicial and they don't relate to the issues but i accept the difficult you have under those circumstances. but again, the problem i have with going over paragraph by paragraph is that if -- in order to do that we simply have to repeat the same things that are being said and out into the mass media. the mass media can look at it now. in fact, when this was filed, the next day the chronicle had portions of what was in there -- in their story. fortunately, they didn't go into all the details but that's the very thing that -- and when i saw that i thought to myself, maybe this idea of going by declarations was not necessarily the most protective of the interests of everybody because if you had asked or if the witness were alive and started to ask a quest
Jul 4, 2012 1:30pm PDT
with the words from her description. that's speculation. jerry: -- >> mr. keith? >> ms. madison is stating her interpretation of what ms. madison said. sometimes we have a conversation and we get an impression. she's repeating her impression. obviously, she wasn't there. but she is certainly able to get her interpretation of what somebody else said and the gist of what was being conveyed. i mean that was -- that's standard conversation and communication. >> i would be inclined to overrule that objection. any decenting view from the commission? >> no. >> mr. kopp? >> yes. then online seven to line eight, the sentence beginning with i and finishing with the word am more prejudicial than probative, irrelevant. >> well, i actually don't have a problem with striking the last block of the sentence. three minutes over? the micro phone. the part whether and i still am. that's not relevant. but what i do believe is relevant, i is it explains why ms. madison took the action that she did, the concern that she had and that prompted her to take the actions that she took. >> i would be inclined
Jul 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
over police use of the high-tech tool. tool. keith daniels, ... here.../ with... why... the... ac---lu... believes... "tag-readers" ... could be invasion ... of... privacy.. keith. /////////////////////keith////// //////// 3 ///////////////////////keith//// ////////////// jennifer.... the a-c-l-u has sent out a public records request to nearly 30 law enforcement agenices.. including balitmore city and county police. bottom line, they want to know how the cameras are being used.. and most importantly, what's happening to the data. //////////////////////vo//////// ////////////// here's how the system cameras, which are usually mounted on patrol cars, scan every license plate on passing or parked vehicles.. and run the numbers through police data bases. baltimore county police call the "tag-readers" a very useful law enforcement tool that can, among other things, help find stolen cars. but the a-c-l-u says the data gathered is stored indefinitely.. and could potentially be an invasion of privacy. /////////////////sot//////////// // (rocah/aclu) "and the biggest problem here is
Jul 4, 2012 3:00pm PDT
way. next we should not be -- address the objections submitted by the sheriff. mr. keith, i understand you have no objection. that is still the case? >> yes. chairperson hur: ok. what about -- >> i have three objections. i can make them all or early -- orally. chairperson hur: ok. >> if you look at the fifth paragraph of the declaration, and beginning i never suspected, there is a sentence beginning with the word " usually." we would move to exclude that for a lack of foundation and it is getting toward an expert opinion. commissioner renne: which paragraph is this? >> beginning i never suspected. five lines down you see the word usually. chairperson hur: ending with "no." commissioner renne: i am still lost. chairperson hur: it begins with i never expected anything going -- this is mr. deleone. commissioner renne: i thought you were talking about linette. that explains it. chairperson hur: was there anything else you wanted to say? >> the foundation appears to have been made previously when she describes her experience in caring for children.chairpersons on this? >> when you say she d
Jul 1, 2012 3:00pm PDT
that pre-exists and predates the violent incident is welcome to make that determination. >> mr. keith, isn't it your position that the mayor -- that the sheriff having pled guilty to false imprisonment, that was pleading to domestic violence? >> yes. >> that's your position, isn't it? >> it is. >> why do you need anything about conversations or incidents that happened back in october if it's your position the official misconduct is proven by the mere fact of entering a guilty plea. >> commissioner, it's the mayor's position that the conviction alone, when we put it together with a sentence and probation consideration, et cetera, that's official misconduct. but we -- but there's also an argument to be made and we expect the other side to make it, that it's not official misconduct. at which point we then have to start getting into questions of degree, where we might look at the facts and circumstances of the conduct that led to the conviction. and my concern again is i -- i think we would argue for categorical rule that whenever a tough law enforcement officer is convicted of it any kin
Jul 19, 2012 5:30pm EDT
shooting of the unarmed teenager, part of god's plan. keith daniels, here now with more from both sides.. keith. george zimmerman spoke to fox news host sean hannity last night about the events leading up to trayvon martin's death. the white and hispanic suspect said.. despite allegations of racial profiling.. he is not racist.. or a murderer. /////////////////vo///////////// zimmerman, who's free on a million-dollar bond, says he acted in self-defense when he shot the unarmed teen during a confrontation in sanford in february. the neighborhood watch volunteer told hannity he had to shoot martin, when the teenager went for zimmerman's gun. zimmerman apologized to martin's family.. but said he doesn't regret getting out of his car to follow martin or having a gun that night. /////////////sot/////////////// zimmmeran: i am sorry that they buried their child. i can't imagine what it must feel like. and i pray for them daily.hannity: is there anything you might do differently in retrospect now that time has passed a little bit? zimmerman: no sir. zimmerman: i feel it was all god's pla
FOX News
Jul 14, 2012 11:00pm PDT
game, people. comedian keith alberstack. and at arby's he is considered a combo meal, bill schulz. and if hilarity was a hockey stick, i would put tape around his shaft for a better grip. sitting next to me is the co-host of the opie and anthony show, a delight. and our new york times correspondent, good to see you, pinch. >> today in "dining and wine." january hoffman profiles summer camps for culinary -minded kids looking to cook fine cuisine. what meal would you like to create at the chef schools? >> sneakers. >> no, what recipe would you like to learn, you half wit? >> sneakers make porch jump higher. >> okay. get him out of here. greg? >> i think we shed approximately 45,000 viewers from "the five" rerun. awesome. how does the president rate among women without a mate? actually pretty well, which means good i think. according to a poll, my favorite poll, obama has a 2-1 advantage over romney when it comes to single females. he is benefiting from a marriage gap where people who are married dye in a gap outside niagara falls. no, actually, says a researcher, married voters are
FOX News
Jul 12, 2012 3:00am EDT
that. >> i finally understood that imagery. keith, you have been covering the presidential campaigns since the early 1970s. what do you make of this marriage gap? >> i don't think it is a surprise with the single ladies obama has such a big margin over romney. obama took out a gigantic ad in the middle of "50 shades of grey." that's getting that support. plus romney keeps referring to his future vp running mate as my wing man. >> not a good way to go at this. i agree with you completely. bill, as a single gal making your way in the city, and i have to say are you doing a great job. it is tough for you at times. what is it about president obama that speaks to you? >> well, actually he spoke to me earlier in the presidency. that's the reason he doesn't want to campaign after this because he started the president looking like denzel, and now he looks like robert giam. i disagree with what you say. when you are single you are more concerned with health care. think about it. you are sink gel. if you are married with -- you are single. if you are married and trip over something a
Jul 4, 2012 12:30am EDT
people in tte dark tonight...........but now to help gee people bacc in the llght. light. keith danielss joins us live from glen burnie where the new arrivals could &pmean reeief for ttose frustrated people who are still without ower...keith. power...keith. we're live n dorsey road near the airport...... this is the staging rea for they've got f..... their trailers, utility trucks and other equipment to hhlp local crews get the job done. done. b-g-e reports that all of their out-of-state crews are now ii place. we saw a lot them gather at b-w-i marshall airport earlier today. the gooernor says the number of out-of-state crews has now doubled from 1- thousand to 2-thousand. that's help for neighborhoods like this one in woodlawn.. where several huge trees have dropped on power lines.. and left several homes without power... since friday. it's a neighborhood sttll waiting for b-g-e crews. and tonighh, residents say they're tired, hot and frustrat. frustratee. (mr..cross) "the most how they responded to this area and not the biggess &pmess....""ms. weathers) "the &ponnfirst. then the middle
Jul 20, 2012 5:00pm EDT
... patrolling... around... malls and movie... theate/ theaters...// keith daniels,... live... in north baltimore.../ where... some... moviegoers... are... cautious.. keith. keith. we're live at the ááááááááá where officers.. etc..... baltimore city police taking action..... they say the propensity for a copy-cat crime is high when there's a high ppofile incident..... and tonight, police say they want to be prepared. /////////////////vo///////////// police say they have no information that suggests that an attack like what we saw in colorado would happen here.... .....but still tonight, the department is boosting patrols as a precautionary measure. reaction, after such a public, tragic, deadly shooting. as the investigation moves forward, violence experts, including foomer secret service agent dan bongino now a candidate for congress, try to answer the burning question about the suspected could anyone do this? (bongino) "obviously a normal functioning person with pointing a high powered rifle at someone's back understands, you're going to cause death, trauma or t
Jul 4, 2012 5:00pm PDT
witness mr. keith referred to. >> the witness chief lansdowne. >> but it led know have that very same question about whether we are -- how closely we must view to the, call it a charging document or statement of concerns if we -- and it's extreme if we found that there had been behavior that we felt fit within the initiative definition but hadn't been -- the definition -- the definition in the initiative but not in the charging documents, whether we would be precluded from considering it. that's a hypothetical we don't have to address right now but we're on that line of how closely or how specifically these issues need to have been identified or put another way, what room and responsibility we have to determine whether there's behavior that fit the definition or behaver that fit the definition and was raised by the mayor's charge. >> i think that's a fair point. the charges are, this is the bill of particulars so this is actually more detailed than the charging document and we provided the mayor with the opportunity to amend the charges to add more substantive allegations. but i certa
Jul 28, 2012 12:30am EDT
he could carry out plans for a mass shooting. shooting. keith daniels... live in crofton... where investigators ...say... he... threatened to... to... kill... dozens of people... where he worked.. keith. keith. karen and jeff..... police say this man called himself "a joker..." like the shooting suspect in the colorado mass movie killing. we're live outside the keswick park apartments where police arrested him at his home. according to a search warrant.. neil prescott made two calls to two of his supervisors at the office supplier pitney bowes where they say prescott was in the process of being fired. investigators say he made threats.. saying he wanted to come back and harm people. the supervisors alerted police.. who descended upon prescott's apartment in crofton..last night. they found the man and more than 20 guns, including assault rifles.. and at least 400 rounds of ammunition. ammunition. (maj. bergin) "at that point, atf was on the scene with us along with members of the pg county's police department.. and we turned that investigation also over to the atf." prescott has be
Jul 29, 2012 8:30pm PDT
-- >> sorry. >> to the question. mr. keith, please proceed. >> ms. lopez, earlier you mentioned that ms. madison was advising you to call the police? >> that was that i told linnette. >> ok. but then your declaration you say you realized she was actually calling your husband's political enemies against your wishes. >> yes. >> what new information did you get or -- >> that i didn't -- >> what new information did you get around that time that ms. madison was out there calling your husband's political enemies. >> that's asked and answered. >> mr. keith, last time you asked that question you got a very -- i think you got a pretty detailed answer. what are you -- >> i don't think i got an answer to the question that i asked. that's why i'm asking the question in this way. >> i'll withdraw the objection. >> ok. ms. lopez, please proceed with your answer. >> repeat the question, please. i feel the same, don't worry. >> if the court reporter could read back the question. [the court reporter read back the last question] >> i see you are trying to make -- when i talked with linnette, i was having
Jul 20, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. theaters. keith daniels, is live in north baltimore with more on police and that company's new rules... keith. keith. karen..... we're live at the rotunda on 41st street.. where that same "batman" movie that was tragically interuppted in colorado... is now showing......... we've seen security guards walking the grounds... and tonight, police say if there's trouble.. they are prepared. prepared. an officer is posted outside the landmark theater in downtown baltimore. baltimore city police say they have no information that suggests that an attack like what we saw in colorado would happen here. but still tonight, the department is boosting patrols as a precautionary measure. they say the propensity for a copy-cat crime is high following a high profile incident. (guglielmi) "we want people to know that there are extra police officers there for their added safety, added security. just want to also inform them that if they see additional resources, it's not because of anything troubling or alarming. it's just simply we want to have extra people around to make sure that they have an enjoyab
Jul 4, 2012 4:30pm EDT
, that's uncle keith. these guys are all hanging out in st. thomas, ontario, canada. old uncle keith here, according to the posters of the video, has suffered some kind of bum mishap. i don't know what that means. but it caused him to wear adult diapers. they think they can fix uncle keith's bum problem with an m80 firecracker. >> oh. >> do they teach that in medical school? one of these guys is a doctor, right? >> showing him an m80. >> look at it. >> it's a huge, frigging firecracker me firecracker. >> you can see the firecracker. before they drop it down uncle keith's pants. >> don't be scared! >> you even saw a little flame shoot out of his pants. >> oh, my god. that's awesome. >> it starts getting really bad here, though. >> starts getting really bad? he put a firecracker down his diaper! >> ah! >>> keep watching. >> oh, the stink. you can smell it. whose idea was this? >> okay. so. we got the old firecracker in the diaper trick all said and done. >> oh, my gosh. >> can you imagine if he had tooted at the same time that thing went off? >> this is the stupidest, awesomest thing ever.
Jul 25, 2012 12:30am EDT
carry permits must be issued to qualified cit. citizens. keith daniels is live at the maryland state police headquarters where the decision will change the way business is done.. keith. keith. jennifer..... anyone interested in getting a handgun permit application can pick one up at any maryland state police barracks. stop here or the barracks.. and they take your fingerprints..which kicks off the background check needed for a permit. permit. and tonight.. one key element in that background check has been changed.. and supporters call it a good move. a federal judge ruled a portion of the state gun permit law unconstitutional. under the law, residents wre required to provide what's called a "good and substantial reason" to carry a handgun. the judge made the ruling in march.. ordered a stay during an appeal..... ........but tonight, that stay has been lifted and the law goes into effect in two weeks. (woltman) " i think it's a good idea. i've only been living in maryland here for about a year and it seems most of the firearms violence that i see isn't from people who are card carryin
Jul 9, 2012 3:00pm EDT
institute in washington, d.c. director keith alexander will give the keynote address on cyber security threats. we're expecting this to get underway shortly. >>> we're standing by at the american enterprise institute in washington, d.c. we're expecting general keith alexander, he's the director of the national security agency and he'll be giving the keynote address and discusses cyber security threats. we're expecting this to get underway shortly. also by the way, paul wolf wits the former world bank president and former deptsy secretary will be introducing general alexander. >>> a quick programming note as we're waiting for this event to start. at 5:00 we go live to capitol hill where the house rules committee will be holding a meeting on repealing president obama's health care law. republican majority leader eric cantor introduced legislation to repeal the health care with a vote set for this wednesday july 11th. last month the supreme court in a 5-4 vote upheld the health care law and we'll have that rules committee meeting beginning at 5:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span3. >>
Jul 4, 2012 2:00pm PDT
case, i have no objection to monday, the 25th. mr. keith? when can you respond? >> i am trying to build in time for us to meet and confer, and bundle the objections, so we can hopefully bring five or six for the commission to rule on, instead of 20. chairperson hur: it would be greatly appreciated. >> it will be hard, if i do not get them until the 25th. but i understand that we all have other cases. if i get the objections by the 25th, i could probably respond to them. if the commission is going to decide these on the 28, i think i need to get them on the 27th. and we would meet and confer. we would have something to say, here is the package of objections. >> but if you got them at 9:00 a.m. on the 25th? could you get them to us by close of business on the 27th? >> sort of an objection, response? that would work. commissioner renne: why is it that you cannot sit down tomorrow with a declaration in front of you, cross out all the lines you do not want in, i mean -- i practice law a lot longer than you. my sense would be that you could do that in the space of an hour. i really beli
Jul 20, 2012 5:30pm EDT
divers hit the water on the memorial day weekend, keith o'brian had hope his best buddy would turn up alive. >> i had a friend give me a call that they were in a boating accident. dave was missing. they were trying to find him. i knew that wasn't good. >> reporter: wp hours the body of 43-year-old dave whit low was found and the light he brought to keith's life was lost. >> it was like shall be, we came in to the room, he had the big smile. he loved life the fullest. there is no one i know that enjoyed life and grabbed it as much as he did. >> reporter: he loved life and the water and that's where he spent his last hours boating with friends in queen ann's county. before midnight, may 27th, he was thrown from a boston wailer after it crashed head on in to this jetty. >> they didn't see the wall. >> reporter: the back and front of the south jetty are unlit. it sits like a guard against the waves across the length. algae covered blocks blending in during the day and at night, each one reported 1000-pound blocks becomes nearly invisible. there is no lighting. you can't see it against
Jul 1, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. keith? >> this has been waived. there have been numerous public statements by the sheriff with regard to marital strife before this incident, after this incident, in his own decision to get counseling, discussions he had with her. >> please speak up. >> discussions he had with her. a front-page story in the chronicle about their communication they had, following this incident. there has been a ruling by a superior court that marital privilege was waived, based on that. i think it has all been disclosed. at least a substantial portion. chairperson hur: i would like to hear from mr. waggoner. i would like to give the crowd notice. this is live testimony. it is very serious. while you might have a reaction, i ask that it not be physical or verbal. if there is one, we will have to ask you to leave. the sheriff has instructed if you see anybody make an outburst, please remove them from the hearing room. thank you. please come to the podium, so we can hear you, mr. waggoner. >> mr. keith is correct, in that the superior court did determine that the spousal privilege did not apply to very sp
Jul 4, 2012 2:30pm PDT
, or if it is overruled, mr. keith, you have one that objection. >> i apologize he had a more subtle question. >> 14 was overruled. 15. >> line 27, the portion of that sentence beginning with the word "see" and ending "talk," there is no foundation and that is speculation, not just on the part of miss williams but on miss lopez. chairperson hur: i will say, and give mr. keith an opportunity, i think that is right that it could not come in to prove that the sheriff was actually scared. but it could come in to say that miss lopez said that. >> in addition it is talking about the fact that there the sheriff was on that time and on that day, which is not hearsay. chairperson hur: i would be inclined to overrule that objection with the same caveat with respect to hearsay. and the dissenting view? that objection is overruled. >> on paragraph 16, this is irrelevant and up fight to expand on that, -- if i can expand on that, you have heard this allegation that the sheriff persuaded either his wife or peralta hanes to persuade witnesses from talking to the police. there is not going to be any
Jul 3, 2012 5:00am EDT
. keith mills will love more on his race card later this morning in sports -- will have more. you to go to our website, we have previews and pictures and a guide to the games. click on the olympics don't on the right side of the page. 5:27. >> utility workers from all over the country are making their way to maryland to assist in restoring power. the very latest here at the staging area. >> millions of americans are ready to hit the road for the holidays. what impact the economy will have on their plan. >> we will detail the forecast going through the holiday tomorrow. the seven-day forecast is coming up in just a few minutes. >> a problem spot at 895 o ♪ [ horn honks ] ♪ oh, those were the best of days ♪ ♪ i still feel the summer rays ♪ that graced our backs as we went down the lane ♪ [ horn honks ] [ male announcer ] when your car is more than just a car to you, the right insurance matters. are you getting the coverage options you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit want to start the day wit
Jul 29, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. >> i think you should establish more foundation, mr. keith. >> you had a conversation about what might happen regarding the custody of your son. on january 1. >> yes, that was the beginning of our conversation. >> your conclusion and your own experience was that as an american and a politician, your husband is a powerful man and if he wanted he could win custody of theo. >> when i went to talk to library, i was ascared about losing my situation if we get a divorce. what is my decision and in a family court. and after our conversation, she made me feel even more scared because she also said, it she used the word all boys' network and they will cover for each other so you have to make evidence and you need something to protect yourself and fight in case you get in a custody dispute. so she told me that of course my concern was right and she used that word old boys' network. >> i move to strike everything after yes as not responsive. >> overruled. please, we need to keep it down in here. >> your husband has told you he is a powerful man more than once. >> i think that has been asked
Jul 1, 2012 2:00pm PDT
here and back? >> i think so. >> can i hear from mr. keith or ms. kaiser on this? does the mayor have a position on the costs of bringing ms. lopez to san francisco? >> she is a defense witness. normally, we would expect a defense witness to pay for it. we would consider their request. i will take it to the mayor. this is the first i have heard of it. i am happy to take it to the mayor. >> i am sorry. i have a couple more questions. if there is not an agreement for ms. lopez to appear live, is she willing to appear by video testimony? >> it is interesting. i have thought about it. i do not think skype would work. my preference is that she would come here to testify. i have never seen the president of skype testimony. i have a difficult time in my experience. it drops. sometimes it works. sometimes it does not. ms. lopez was also listed by the mayor's office as a witness. >> the sheriff has submitted a declaration in support of the defense. she is here to be cross- examined by the mayor. any witness who does not appear for testimony, the declaration is going to receive little to n
Jul 16, 2012 11:00pm EDT
morning. morning. keith daniels, live downtown where crews are busy with repairs.. keith. 3 (jillian/witness) "the street it just burst open, like something was trying to come out of it.. it's just really crazy to see this happening.." //butt to//(woman) "i'm glad i walk. i live right up pratt. so, i'm glad i'm not stuck in this traffic." breaking news... out... of... montgomery county...//.one... person is dead.../ another... hurt.../after... a... plane crash... in... laytons-ville./.. that's... north of... gaithersburg.../the ... plane... went down ... just before... 7-30 tonite... near... davis airport...// the... f-a-a... is investigating the... search ...for a missing boater... in ...harford county... has been suspended tonight. tonight.the ... coast guard ...was called sunday... after two men ...jumped ...into... the bush river... and... were seen ...struggling to swim.../.one man... sunny sing... made it... to shore... with the help of strangers ... who heard his cries for help..../ the.. other victim.../ a... man celebrating his 35th birthday... is still missing. 5:48:16 we j
Jul 6, 2012 11:00pm EDT
least 65-years-old. old. keith daniels is streaming liveeat the inner harbor where temperatures have dropped a bit since the sun went down... keitt. keith. 3 3 at least 9 deaths the heat. to help keep people safe.. city officials have extended the code red heat alert through sunday... thaa meanssall 21-coooing centers will remain open all weekeed. triple digit temperatures are triple diggt all weekend.will remain pen cooling centers that means all 21-throogh sunday... red heat alert extended the code officials have people safe.. city officials ave exttnded the code red heat alert through sunday... that means all 21- cooling centersswill rrmain open all weekend. in the fooecaat.. witt some days expected to feel like 110 degrees or higher... there's relief at the cooling centers.. if you come inside during he heattof the day, you can cool down in the air conditioninggand grab some free water. relief, from the extreme heat. heat. (mr. morgaa) " i know a lot of imes they talk about a dry heat versus a humid heat. heat is hhat! and you will a hhmid heat. heat is aboutta dry heat versus lo
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 758 (some duplicates have been removed)